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Com server Highspeed Compact

Network via direct connection: 1 serial high speed port to the network

Com server Highspeed Compact

Product properties:

  • Direct connection through compact box
  • Remotely configurable via Web Based Management (in preparation)
  • RS232, RS422, RS485 selectable
    • Custom-built modules on request
  • Serial bit rate up to 230.4 kBit/s
  • Network connections:
    • 10/100BT autosensing
  • Voltage supply:
    • 5V DC
    • Plug-in power supply included

On a minimal area, the Com server Highspeed Compact offers everything required for the direct connection of a serial interface to the computer network. All protocols are included (see box / applications at the end of the product datasheets). The serial interface of the Com server can be switched between the standards RS232, RS422 and RS485. The serial and the network parameters are set via Telnet, ARP/RARP or SNMP. The configuration access via an Internet browser (web-based management) is in preparation and can be activated by means of a simple firmware update.

COM Port Redirector
The W&T COM Port Redirector for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP also makes it possible for serial Windows programs to communicate over the network. Virtual COM ports are installed on the system which appears to the applications like standard COM ports. Communication with the terminal device is now however over the network and a Com-Server.

Application Description COM Port Redirector
Download COM Port Redirector for Windows 9x/ME
Download COM Port Redirector for Windows NT/2000/XP


    Serial port protocols:
    XON/XOFF, Hardware Handshake
    SLIP, others on request
    Protocols for direct network connection:
TCP/IP:   UDP/TCP sockets, FTP, Telnet for Client and Server
    Auxiliary protocols:
    HTTP (in development)
    Inventory keeping, group management
    Protocols for paired Com-Server operation:
    (connect serial devices in pairs on the network)
    Box to Box mode TCP/IP

Technical data:

Serial port:   1 x RS232-, RS422, RS485 interface
    DB9 connector, configurable
Baud rate:   50 to 230.400 baud
Data format:   7, 8 data bits, 1, 2 stop bits
    No, Even, Odd parity
Flow control:   Hardware handshake or
    XON/XOFF protocol
Network:   10/100BaseT, auto-sensing
Galvanic isolation:   min. 500 volts
Ambient operating temperature Storage:   -40..+70°C
Housing:   Metal housing, 115 x 90 x 34 mm
Weight:   approx. 300 g
Power supply:   Supplied power adapter
    Input: 230V / 50 Hz
    Output: Stabilized 5V, 1 A
Current consumption::   Typ. 270 mA, max. 345 mA @ 5V
Ambient operating temperature:   Operation: 0..+50°C
Delivery:   1x Com server Highspeed Compact
    1x power adapter for application in office


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